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20u Manage Uncertainty

The uncertainty you have about your future… it will never go away. Managing the unknowns in an ever changing world is a lifelong process. So today I want to share with you two lessons I’ve learned the hard way about managing uncertainty. 1. Replace expectations with plans. It’s easy to set ourselves up for disappointment. […]

20u Focus Why

It’s common for myself and others to dwell on the feeling of not knowing what to do with life. In fact, I started a small freelance business, struggled through college, and resolved many personal toils regarding purpose and direction all with focusing on what. The inherent problem with this way of thinking is that it dodges the heart of […]

20u Calling

When it comes to fulfillment in relation to our work, many agree that there are three approaches most people take. They view their work as a job, a career or a calling. You work a job for the money. You watch the clock and dream about the weekend. You carefully prepare for a career with high goals […]

20u Edges

Do you remember learning how to complete a puzzle? As a child I discovered it helped to do the edges first. This helped for a number of reasons and it did wonders to watch as progress gained momentum …and to be honest, if I had begun by first attempting to make sense of the middle pieces, […]

20u Distractedness

Recently my wife and I retreated to a beautiful corner of Oklahoma that houses a small range of mountains. We completed a 4.5 hour hike through varying terrains and step after step we advanced… largely with grace and poise but occasionally through stumbles. At one point, following my wife down a steep grade of loose rocks, my […]

20u Stumbling Success

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ― Winston Churchill Moment of Truth: Last week I completely failed to keep one of my obligations. I was bummed, disappointed and promised myself that I’d make it up before the weekend. Before I knew it, Sunday was staring me in the face and […]

20u Redbox

If you’re like me, too often you stare at the screen of a Redbox shuffling the inventory of rentals over and over and over again only to be overcome with severe indecision. How similar is this to life in our twenties? Day after day, decision after decision, opportunity after opportunity we burden ourselves with indecision. Now consider […]